The Society's Current Executive Board

Jim Riley

Steve Edwards

Ruanne Skeels

4th of July 1951

Historical Society booth at the 4th of July Celebration, 1951 - Mrs. Hazel Domer the City Librarian, and a founding member of the Society, is in charge of the booth.

About the Society

The Glendora Historical Society was founded in 1947 to help preserve the history of the people, Glendora, and the area around Glendora, "The Upper San Gabriel Valley" and make it available to future generations.

The Society has two properties for the public to visit: The Museum at 314 N Glendora Ave, open most Saturdays 11:00AM to 2:00PM and the Rubel Castle at 844 N Live Oak Av. Please see the Rubel Castle part of the site for specific information regarding tours and the necessary forms.

The Society’s general meetings are open to the public. They occur at 7:00 PM in the Bidwell Forum of the Glendora Public Library, located at 140 S Glendora Ave on the fourth Mondays of the months of January, March, May, July, September, and November. The meetings feature different speakers presenting a wide range of interesting topics.


The membership dues of the Society are $15.00 per year. The fiscal year starts June 1st. Lifetime memberships are $150.00. Anybody is welcome to join no matter where you live.


Glendora Historical Society has a Facebook page with photographs and discussions relating to Glendora's history and historical sites. Name of Page: "The Glendora Historical Society"

Formation of the Society

An interest in the area’s history was encouraged by the Board of Directors of the Glendora Library in 1946.

Intrest Invitation

This is a scan of the original invitation from 1946, inviting the public to a meeting of those interested in Glendora’s history to share photographs and their information about the past. Approximately eighty people showed up for this first meeting "to consider the formation of an organization to collect and preserve Glendora's historical data and landmarks. Rev.Tincher, Jr., presiding as Chairman, extended a brief welcome, gave the Library Board's reasons for calling the meeting, then outlined the value of an historical organization to the community. Mrs. Louise Thum, President of the Library Board, explained the purposes of an historical organization, and appointed the following Committee: H. Paul Keiser, Chairman; Mrs. Mabel E. Keesling and Mrs. Helen K. Bettin, to make necessary investigations and report back to the Library Board with recommendations."
A second meeting was held "to consider the organization of an historical society" on April 12, 1947, at the Wilson School auditorium. Before this meeting Helen Bettin had been asked by the Library Board to gather as much information about the early history of Glendora as could be found. A group of people, the first Board of Directors, were named to direct the organization of a Glendora Historical Society. These were as follows: Miss Inez W. Cook, J. Walter Cullen, Mrs. Hazel M. Domer, the City Librarian and a founding member of the Society, Albert Gnagy, Mrs. Ruth P. Kimball, Darrow H. Sellers, Mrs. Louise Thum, Herbert C. Warren, Mrs. Virginia P. Wathen, and H. Paul Keiser, Chairman of the Committee.

April 15, 1947, was the first official meeting of the Board of Directors at the Wilson School. Officers were elected: Mrs. Ruth P. Kimball-President (author of a history of Glendora written for the 50th anniversary, Golden Get Together 1887 to 1937 program), J. Walter Cullen-First Vice President, Herbert C. Warren-Second Vice President, Mrs. Virginia P. Wathen-Secretary, Darrow H. Sellers-Treasurer, and H.Paul Keiser-Curator. A committee was chosen to draft a "suitable" Constitution and By-laws for the society to be approved at the next meeting.

The second meeting of the Board of Directors was May 16, 1947, again at the Wilson School. The draft of the Constitution and By-laws was submitted, corrections made, and the corrected version was adopted by a unanimous vote. The Society was started with 162 charter members, charter membership was open one year after the Society was founded.

First Meeting Invitation


The first general meeting of the Glendora Historical Society was on May 26, 1947, it was held at the Glendora Woman's Club. Over the years general and board meetings have been held in different locations, many at the Glendora Woman's Clubhouse, the Fellowship Hall of the Brethren Church, member's homes, and the Museum. Meetings are currently held at the Bidwell Forum of the Glendora Public Library and Cultural Center.

Through the years many dedicated people have devoted countless volunteer hours to the Society. Their efforts continue to help preserve the history and educate the public about the development of Glendora and the upper San Gabriel Valley.

Society in Parade

The Historical Society participating in the 1969 Christmas Parade, Mr. & Mrs. Richard Davis in front (owners of car), A. Bell in the middle, Dorothy Rubel in back (large hat) with an unidentified passenger.